Without doubt you’ll have noticed that businesses the world over have began obsessing about film. Is it because it goes hand in hand with content strategy? Maybe it’s an ego feed? Probably all of the above, but don’t just stop there:

  1. Break down the barriers- Photos and staff staff profiles on your website are great, but video takes this concept a step further. Through film, your potential cliental have the opportunity to see and hear you and your team. In fact, them having seen and heard you will make the introductions more comfortable and gives them a picture of what to except from your business.
  2. People are, well, more or less lazy. It’s true- and you can blame YouTube for it. Todays online community would, generally speaking, prefer to watch something than read it. Think about it- reading is an active process, whereas watching film is passive, it’s easily absorbed and highly effective.JC
  3. Bandwidth. Technology has allowed a fundamental shift in how we as businesses embrace film. With greater download limits, particularly on mobile devices, the posibilites of film are finally a reality.
  4. It’s great content, and content is king. Google loves film (which isn’t surprising- they own YouTube), and as a general rule- you really should love what Google loves! Attain greater visibility in search and maximise the value by linking film with social media. Gone are the days of ‘filler’ Facebook posts!WS
  5. Be different. There’s no end to the discussions around unique selling propositions and points of difference, and so it should be the case. Film delivers a platform for your business to break apart. As video hasn’t reach saturation point as far as business use goes, there’s huge possibilities to set your business apart. It’s likely that in your industry you’ll be an early adopter.

For each industry, there’s a specific set of benefits which film can provide. For instance, the truly innovative real estate agents embrace film to showcase their high value listings. You’ve instantly reached international investors seeking an asset to diversify their portfolio.

We’ll help you unpack how film can be a genuine value add addition to your communications strategy.

While your at it- take a second to watch this film. It’s not one of ours, but its a great insight into video, particularly viral video in 2014:

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It’s universally understood that humans are swayed faster by the recommendation of a friend than a TV advert.

Use this theory to build a catalogue of great client stories who can’t get enough of you!

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Product demo

Spot talking about it and just show them how it works!

Film comes into it’s own in giving a first hand experience of the product. It may be a tutorial, it may aim to show off features. Let the product do the talking!

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Whether you’re promoting your next project on Kickstarter, Pozible or your own website, video must be at the core.

It’s your chance to share your passion and vision for the project. Demonstrate the goals and personally urge your audience to jump on board.

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Give your audience the very best first impression.

Film provides you with the medium to handcraft exactly the message you want your potential leads to hear.

There’s no more effective way to gain interest.

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